What is it about Gainesville?

February 27, 2018

There’s a joke here amongst the locals. “Gainesvillians are like boomerangs”

If you lived here for any length of time, it’s obvious that it’s funny because you see so many people move away and then they move back. Is there some magnetic vortex or is it just because our city is really cool? With statistics showing us that people who were raised here choosing to stay here and the population of Gainesville growing every day, we're going to vote on "really cool" ; And we found someone to help us tell you why.

We recently had an out of state visitor here in our Gainesville office who lived here for almost 30 years, raised her kids here and still refers to our city as “Home”. During her visit, she kept saying how much she missed living here and we saw an opportunity for an interview. We asked her why she missed this place so that we could share her feelings about Gainesville with prospective buyers and those who are eyeing Gainesville and thinking about making it their future home. We want you to see this lovely town through our peepers.


Q:  Throughout your lifetime, how many places would you say that you’ve lived or called “Home”

A:  Over twenty different cities. Gainesville was the longest- 28 years. Moved away and came back a few times, too!

Q:  What do you love about Gainesville?

A:  So much to love about Gainesville. Progressive community that cares about the environment. City services that are second to none. A well supported library system. Phenomenal health care services.  Great public school system. Where I live now I would have to send my children to private school to get a quality education. Protected parks and recreation facilities. 3 major airports within a two hour drive.

Q:  Do you think Gainesville is a good place to raise children?

A:  Gainesville is a great place to raise children. Good schools, resources , parks, healthcare. It is a safe, friendly environment.


Q:  What are some of your favorite places in the Gainesville area?

A:  My favorite places are the walking trails and tracks in the community. Payne’s Prairie. And the beautiful homes of my friends.


Q:  What are some fun things for families to do on the weekends in or around Gainesville?

A:  Lots of recreational  resources for families, multiple Springs, rivers, the beach is a short drive. Bowling, skating, trampolines, swimming, hiking, biking and many sports to choose.  

Thank you to our visitor, who chose to stay anonymous, for letting us ask a few questions about what it's like living in Gainesville and all that there is to love. If you have more questions or would like info on making this your hometown, feel free to reach us by clicking the "contact us" button on the top right!

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