Let's talk Home Inspections with Rick Waddell

February 27, 2018

Here at Savvy + Co, we’re full of referrals. Whether we’re helping you browse, buy or sell, we have high-tech virtual rolodexes full of the best resources in the area covering all kinds of trades involved in Real Estate. Lenders, Contractors, Surveyors, Professional Stagers, Home Inspectors, We’ve got them all in our back pocket.

Today, we’re going to feature our favorite Home Inspector, Rick Waddell, of Home Inspection Group, LLC. But first, we want to talk about Home inspections in general. Let’s look at how Wikipedia defines Home Inspections - “A home inspection is a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home, often in connection with the sale of that home. Home inspections are usually conducted by a home inspector who has the training and certifications to perform such inspections.” - So there we have it.

It is highly recommended that buyers order a home inspection right away after having their offer accepted. The buyer selects how many days they want their inspection period to last when they submit their offer and schedule for the inspector to come within that time frame. It’s important to choose a home inspector who performs thorough inspections, an inspector who is willing to show you and explain to you any spots that come up during their inspection in a way that you can understand, and who sends you a report that is well organized, easy to read (preferably with photos), and who gets that report back to you for review in a timely manner.

We chose Rick for this Featured Spotlight article because he consistently has done all of those things each and every time and goes above and beyond his call of duty. When you hire Rick for your Home Inspection service, not only will he show you in person, any little things you may wish to address, but his reports are packed full of photos and easy to read notes and the best part is that he encourages his customers to call him if they have any questions down the road. He shows a high level of commitment to customer service and to doing a great job time and time again.

We hope you enjoy reading our quick interview with Rick Waddell! Be sure to catch his info at the bottom of this article.

Q: What made you choose Home Inspection as a career?
A: Choosing the Home Inspection business has been a great fit from my previous career in the electrical sign business. My previous field required knowing Electrical, building and  building materials, fabrication, working with building permits and getting the best product that fits the client. Choosing the Home Inspection business has been a great career choice


Q: What do you like about being a Home Inspector?
A: One of the main reasons I like being a Home Inspector is helping my clients make the right decision for what may the biggest purchase and responsibility of their lives. It’s a great feeling to see the excitement of such a great life change.

Q: What can your customers count on from you?
A: My customers can count on my knowledge and professionalism and same day turn around on my Inspection Reports. This is a stressful time for most and having someone who understands the pressure and time restraints of a home closing can help relieve some strain in the buying process.

Q: Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for buyers?
A:  My words of wisdom for buyers is choosing a home that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Q: How about advice for Sellers?
A: My advice for Sellers, is to repair any deficiencies of your home they me delay the selling process. For example: update landscaping.

Q: What’s the craziest or most memorable thing you’ve ever seen doing Home Inspections?
A:  One of the most memorable things I have witnessed recently, is a Hot water heater that was replaced with a new unit and the old tank was left in the attic right over the Master Bedroom bed.


Rick Waddell - Home Inspection Group, LLC (352)-226-0456 


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